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Balate - The Last Kingdom

"Help the king of BALATE Sir Bradimir, and his court wizard Nerdin, to defend their country by the wrath of ferocious legions of orcs coming for their life. Be ready to fight the orcs by throwing 'Balates' to them, to make them fall down to the ground."

Bloody Death

"Are you brave enough to bear anguish and terror? Faceless Killer is back, to end what he didn't accomplished three years ago. Fear is waiting for you just around the corner. Write your destiny, nothing is still settled..12 different dooms are waiting for you.. The new masterpiece signed by The Prince of Terror, Claudio Battiato.."

Extreme RPS Online

"Rock Paper Scissors World Championship';s began! This game is a compound of Classic game rules and new features. Enjoy new Battle system! Fight against your enemy, became more powerful! Unlock all special characters! Play with your family or friends all over XBox Live and SystemLink...Who will be RPS Master?"

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