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New K-Map Solver version has been released

The new version of K-Map Solver has been published to Windows Phone MarketPlace. With the v1.1, you get lot of important changes:

  • Previous solution limit has been removed from the trial version, so you can now use the application without any time or solution limit…By downloading the trial version, you’ll get an application that is now free to use! Obviously, if you want to get rid of the advertisements, please consider to buy the full version, in order to support future releases;
  • The K-Map algorithm has been optimized, and in the twinkling of an eye, you’ll get the solution, even with 7 variables and with complicated inputs;
  • Increased the number of variables you can use up to 7, and they’re available both in trial and full version;
  • The truth table style has been modified to get minterms more readable;
  • Added a reset button that become really useful when you need to reset the truth table to its initial state and you’re using 5 or more variables;

K-Map Solver MarketPlace Link

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