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aka romeoxbm

About Me

That's meWelcome guest! Let me introduce myself to you and tell you something about me…

My name is Francesco Guastella, also known as “romeoxbm”, or sometimes with the nickname “viper”, I was born in Palermo on 03/08/1984 and I started developing 10 years ago, 4 in the videogame industry as indie developer, except for my first experience..but I’d like to talk about it later.

Presently, I study computer science at the University of Palermo and..I know what you’re thinking about..I should have already ended my course of study, but I spent so much effort during last years on gaining work experiences in the videogames industry, apart from bureaucratic issues that slowed my academic career down (this is Italy..).

My first approach with the world of programming was when I received an Amstrad CPC 464 as a gift. That was the first time in my life I used a programming language, my first one: BASIC.

Like some kind of “calling”, I started to think from then on that my future would be in the Information Technology industry, especially in the videogame industry.

Over the years, I knew and learned lot of different programming languages like, for instance, Pascal, Prolog, C, C++, C#, Java and scripting languages like Php, MaxScript and Lua.

My first work experience in the industry was at 7th Sense Studios, in 2007, where I contributed to the development of “Lucignolo – The videogame“, based on an homonymous italian tv show, produced and distributed in Italy by Digital Bros.

After that “mainstream” experience, I spent my energies to create a new project that took the name of “MonkeyWare“, an idea that started to take shape in the late 2008 and became a reality in 2009 that shot for creating, at the beginning, casual games for Xbox 360 distributed via Xbox Live Indie Games. As lead coder, I made with the other team members three games (in chronological order): “Extreme RPS Online“, “Balate – The Last Kingdom” and “Bloody Death“. In that span of time, I’ve also worked on the creation of a 2D engine which made that three games came to life, called Alchimia. My “MonkeyWare chapter” ended in July 2010 due to some clashes with the rest of the team.

To this day, I’m a contributor of the open-source project Axiom, and I’m additionally working on the creation of a 2D/3D engine of mine based on Axiom and on the “experience” gained by Alchimia.

In short…what else could I say? I’m working hard on a dream made up of passion and thousand of source code lines…

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